About me

Hi, I’m Perry!

I help people of any background tap into their own inner creativity.

Award-winning artist and educator Perry Rath has facilitated creative experiences for many people of all ages and all kinds of backgrounds (artistic or self-proclaimed ‘non-artists’) for 30 years. Founder of the Creativity Peaks program, Perry has presented at international and regional art education symposiums and received abundant recognition for his work and innovative programs. He has been interviewed on radio, published in journals, books, and exhibits his own art around the world. His own artistic achievements have been broad. To name only a few - his work has attracted the praise of the Governor-General of Canada, and been used in various international CDs, books, magazines, and BC Provincial Parks and municipal signage. He has represented his region in the cultural exposition accompanying the 2015 Canada Winter Games.
Perry is passionate about helping other people tap into their creative potential, and has worked countless hours and days with others to facilitate their creative growth. His methods focus on building a client’s creative confidence by providing a supportive, diverse, accepting, exploratory environment to provide a platform for them to trust their own creative urges and intuitive development. It is focused on relationship-building, breaking down barriers of fear and inadequacy to boost your empowerment and abilities to tap into your inner wellspring of creativity and apply it to everything you do. With his authentic gentle encouraging style and vast array of experience and ideas, he simply helps his students connect with and uncover what is already inside of them as a birthright – their original impulse to create.
Perry has established himself as a prominent artist, educator and advocate. He was presented with the inaugeral "Excellence in Education" award for his region in 2020. As well, in 2022, Perry has been recognized as one of the Top Creativity Coaches by Coach Foundation, and also received the top honour of Excellence in Art Education from the BC Art Teachers Association.
To find out more about him and his own artwork explorations, visit his comprehensive portfolio site http://www.perryrath.com, and his shop site at https://shop.perryrath.com/.
You can also follow him on Instagram @perry.rath and @creativity.peaks and on Facebook @Perry Rath and @Perry Rath Arts.

My Methods

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